American artist Colin Snapp (b. 1982 Lopez Island, Washington) consistently challenges the mediated viewing experience. Obsessively cataloguing the American landscape and the way that we access it, his photos, videos and sculpture investigate the manner we are delivered and choose to accept, an image of reality. Continually accessing the landscape (and consequently all life) through screens, we encompass ourselves in glass. Whether that be arriving within the glass windows of a charter bus, looking through a telescopic photo, or iPhone, lens or consequently en route by way of a highway and through the windscreen, Snapp reminds us that what we accept is only a mere apparition of what is actually in front of us.


Born in 1982 in Lopez Island WA, USA
Lives and works in New York NY and Los Angeles CA.


BFA The San Francisco Art Institute, CA, USA



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*Collaboration with Daniel Turner as JULES MARQUIS

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